Frequently Asked Questions

1,Can This Hair Be Dyed Or Straightened, Curled 

Yes,our hair can be dyed/bleached to any color you want, but remember virgin hair will be easily dry after leaving hair donor , so please do not dye or bleach hair too frequently, it will do harm on hairs. Also pls do it professionally.If you want to shape the hair yourself,remember the temperature of the flat iron/straighter or tongs can't exceed 150C, and never use hot tools too often!

2,How Many Pieces Hair I Need To Buy ?

However, depending on the length of the client's hair, as well as the thickness this can vary.

Your tape hair extensions package will include 20 pieces, the weight you can choose is 40g/park or 50g/park. ( 2g/piece ,2.5g/piece )
20pcs can be added hight light and volume. 40-60pcs is for full head to add length & volume . 80pcs is for thick desity hair to add length & volume.            Please change the order QTY from “+” /“-” when you place your order.  e.g. if you wanna order 40pcs, please click the “+” & change the QTY to 4The clip-in human hair package will include 6 pieces and can be enough for full head . One piece that is 8 inches is for the back of your head, and others are for the sides of your head. ( One 8-inch piece with four clips,two 6-inch pieces with three clips per piece ,one 4-inch pieces with two clips per piece,two 2-inch pieces with one clip per piece )

3,Hair Care Tips

a)  Wash it with normal conditioner instead of shampoo.  

b)  Do not shake it in a towel. Be careful and dry it piece-by-piece. Also, we recommend letting the hair dry naturally. If you want to use a blow dryer, the best results will be achieved with the low heat setting.Also, never style your hair or wring it while it's wet.

c)  When the extensions are not being used, place them in an air-tight container, making sure they are clean and untangled first.
d)  Before bed, put your hair into a ponytail or loose braid to prevent the hair from tangling. This will increase the overall product lifespan.

4,Why Are My Hair Extensions Getting Tangled?

Hair Extensions tangle due to dryness, oil & dirt build-up, salt water, chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily. As your own hair ,the real human wigs need good care and manage too,your patience ,hardworking and good care habit can keep the hair as beautiful ,soft and silky as the healthy hair should be. 

5,Why Are My Hair Extensions Have Split/Dry Ends ? 

As we all know for virgin hair grow from human scalp, the longer hair the less nutrition will reach to ends ,our sourcing department will pick out the badly damaged ends raw hair, but few splits ends cannot be avoided , especially when hair is longer than 18’’,please understand. With right products to condition and moisture treatment the hair, it will help a lots.

 6,Tangle Free & Shedding Free

New hair will have few stands initial shedding which is normal. For poor weft construction issue,please contact us and send pictures immediately, we will help u do refund or exchange based on our refund policy. We are STRONGLY RECOMMEND customer SEAL WEFT&CUTTING AREA. Donot  cut the weft only if you feel it is necessary .


We will double check the hair type and length before the shipment, when you received the hair, you can measure it by stretching it ,so you can get the correct length.

8,Grey Hair  

Virgin non-dyed hair have a few strands gray hair inside, we usually pick the gray hair out during production, but we cannot guarantee without any gray hair,hope you can understand .if you find few strands gray hair in the wigs, kindly pick it out by yourself, thanks a lot for that!


Factory washed the hair with warm water and shampoo before shipped,at the same time , we will add some hair oil to the hair wig to protecting the hair from being dry during long time delivery, it may have some smell in the high temperature or hot weather, the smell can easily fade away after washing via any shampoo or conditioner.

10, What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is the highest grade of quality for real human hair. Before a head of hair is cut from a donor, it is braided or placed in a ponytail. After removal, this head of hair is kept bundled as it is processed and prepared for use as hair extensions. Because hair is cut so that all the cuticles are facing the same direction, remy hair resists tangling.

11,Why Elite Remy Hair ?

To satisfy the most demanding — and deserving — customers, we have spent the last five years developing a new hair extensions production line,we can achieve that the cuticles are perfectly aligned and that face the same direction,which is exactly what cuticle Remy hair is known for.

Not only do cuticle remy hair not tangle as much, but they also keep the shape after washing many times , so elite hair have good quality for a superior look and longevity. Once you try our newly patented formula, you will never go back.

12, FAQ on Hair Colors:

a)Why the color i received have little differences than my seeing color on Computer/Phone ?

The color will be different looking on different PC/IPAD/PHONE, that's because different devices have different Screen Resolution /Graphics card/ Screen Type /etc parameters. 

b) Do you have a real Color Chart for choosing colors ?

Yes, most wholesaler customers used real hair color chart/swatch to choose color. if you want this service, please contact us before order payment.

c) Is it ok to dye color after i received the hair ?

Yes. for our Virgin hair at natural color which can dyed and bleached to brown, light bown, dark blonde, medium blonde/strawberry blonde (27#). But it depends on different types hair . For our dyed hair,  normally it is not ok to dye color again. if you want to dye it strongly, please contact us before dyeing color.

d)How did we photo the hair ?

Our photographer used professional Canon EOS camera to take the photo, and we choose most close to real hair color shade in our shop, probably it still have a little differences with the hair you received, it should be acceptable with international tolerance, because the monitor of different PC/IPAD/PHONE screen are different, and Graphics card different also affect the looking of image.  hope we can give you the most professional looks & services.

e)How to choose correct color?

1. Our dyed colors in stock, please refer to our store each product shows.

2. Virgin Hair Natural undyed color normally it is natural black (off black), because it was unprocessed, some hair seems natural dark brown . 

3. Customized color if your order color didnot exist in our stock colorlist, it is okay to make custom order. Please email is the color code or mail us hair sample.



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