4# YILITE dark brown tape in cuticle remy hair extensions Yilite 10A Tape in Hair Extensions Yilite 10A Tape in Hair Extensions Yilite 10A Tape in Hair Extensions Yilite 10A Tape in Hair Extensions Yilite 10A Tape in Hair Extensions
Yilite 10A Tape in Hair Extensions

Yilite 10A Tape in Hair Extensions

Free Shipping! Professional Salon Quality Dark Brown 40Pcs 80-100G/Pack Straight Human Hair Tape In Extensions Wholesale

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Color4# Dark Brown
Hair TypeTape In Cuticle Remy Hair
Hair Length16-20 Inch
can be bleached/coloredYes, From Light Color To Dark Color
Hair Weight2g/pcs (16"), 2.5g/pcs (18",20")
Items / Package80g/40pcs (16"), 100g/40pcs (18",20")
Tape style0.8*4cm USA Blue Super Strong Pre-Tape
Hair Texture100% Natural Cuticle Remy Hair
Hair QualityPremium Cuticle Remy Hair, Tangle Free, No Shedding
Shipping Time3-5 business days via UPS to U.S, 3-7 business days via DHL to Europe

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2.DO NOT authorize UPS/FedEx/TNT to leave your package at your door at any circumstances.This causes packages lost often.

3.We will ship the hair within 48hours after the payment clear. It takes 2-7 working days to deliver.

How To Apply Tape In Hair

Applying Yilite Hair tape-in extensions is a breeze. You can do it with a friend or stylist, but we've created our tape-in hair extensions to be so simple to apply, you can do it yourself. Here's how. 

1. Starting at the neckline, make a straight, horizontal part in your hair to divide your hair into two sections. Pull the top of your hair up into a clip or bun. 
2. Warm the double-sided tape (recommended temperature is 150 to 180 degrees F or 70 to 80 degrees C) with a straightener before using.Now, position the first tape extension on the underside of a section of your hair without getting too close to the roots, as this may create tension in the scalp. It should be comfortable enough to move the hair around.
3. Press your hair into the adhesive with the back of a comb or other tool.
4. Now, place the next extension strip in the same area, pressing it down tightly towards the core extension. That will bond the two strips together with some of your own hair in between.
5. Keeping a distance of around half an inch, repeat these steps to position the tape extensions in rows in an upward direction.
6. Make sure not to extend the strips too high on your scalp. Also be careful not to get too close to the sides of your face so no one will see the tape. 


How To Apply Clip In Hair

Yilite Hair clip-in extensions are some of the easiest hair extension to apply. You can do it yourself in mere minutes to instantly change up your look. Here's how:

1. Start by styling the clip-in extensions with your own original hair. You may have to wave, curl, or straighten your original hair to blend it with the clip-in extension. Once the matching is done, proceed with the following steps.
2. Separate your own hair into two sections. Use a comb for thick hair or fingers for thin hair to separate the strands into two parts, running from one temple to the other. Hold the upper layer part on top of your head with a hair clip or hair tie. If the hair is very fine, use the comb to divide the lower part into 1-inch tresses.
3. Choose from a single piece or a multiple-piece clip-in extension. Either way, push the clips into position along the horizontal line of the parting. Take note of the alignment, especially in the multiple clip-in extension. There must be no folds in the top weft of the extra hair. Make sure all clips are securely in place.
4. Continue up your head in the same manner, parting your own hair in 1-inch sections and adding in the extensions. Be careful not to extend the extensions beyond your own hair or they may be visible.
5. Release the top part of your hair, and you're done! Enjoy the luscious volume of your hair. 

How to Care for Your YiliteHair Tape In Extensions

Caring for your Yilite Hair tape-in hair extensions requires the same care you should give your own natural hair. It's simple and stress-free. Just follow these steps.

1. Be sure to untangle the tape extensions before shampooing. In order to improve their longevity, wash it with normal conditioner instead of shampoo to protect the full healthy cuticle.Don't rush the process.
2. For the best results, apply a leave-in hair conditioner afterwards, but don't overuse it beyond the recommended time.
3. We recommend letting the hair dry naturally. If you want to use a blow dryer, the best results will be achieved with the low heat setting.Also, never style your hair or wring it while it's wet.
4. When the extensions are not being used, place them in an air-tight container, making sure they are clean and untangled first.
5. Before bed, put your hair into a ponytail or loose braid to prevent the hair from tangling. This will increase the overall product lifespan.

6 ,If you want to shape the hair yourself,remember the temperature of the flat iron/straighter or tongs can't exceed 150C, and never use hot tools too often!

7,Don’t cut the weft only if you feel it is necessary.

For more tape-in extensions tips, please consult a professional hairdresser. With proper care, your extensions will last up to 2 years, or even longer.Any question ,you can contact us at whatsapp: ++86 15637418884 / Email: yilitehair@gmail.com

How to Care for Your YiliteHair Clip In Extensions

Tips:The best advice we can give you is this: these clip-in extensions are made of real human hair, and they must be treated as such. Because you can remove clip-in extensions, you can wash them less often than permanent extensions. We recommend washing your extensions every 15 to 20 wears or when there is too much product buildup to style easily.

1. Always carefully brush the hair before washing, ensuring extensions are tangle-free.

2. Choose your care products carefully. Use milder the shampoo or just use conditioner instead of shampoo to protect the full healthy cuticle, so that the longer your extensions will last, please keep that in mind.

3. Using a leave-in hair conditioner is a must if you want shiny and healthy-looking hair.

4. After you have washed your hair extensions, please let them dry naturally. Just like with your original hair, blow dryers tend to over-dry the hair, resulting in tangling and other issues. If you are really in a rush, the lowest heat setting is recommended.

5. If you are not immediately using your clip-in extensions, after they are completely dry please brush them gently and then place back in the original packaging.

6. If you want to remove the clip in the extensions, the process is really simple. All you have to do is locate the clip and pull it backwards so it opens. Then, gently remove the piece from your hair, and repeat the process. It usually takes only a minute or two, so there is no need to rush.

7. Be sure to remove your clip-in extensions before you go to bed at night, in order to protect the hair and make your extensions last even longer.

8 ,If you want to shape the hair yourself,remember the temperature of the flat iron/straighter or tongs can't exceed 150C, and never use hot tools too often!

9,Don’t cut the weft only if you feel it is necessary.

Yilite hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair, and with proper care, they will last one years or more. If you are unsure of how to treat them, please talk with your hair stylist or contact us at whatsapp: +86 15637418884

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